2nd 100 electric Miles Valley of Sun April 20th 2013

Together with the EAA (Electric Auto Assocation) Phoenix Chapter we have our annual event of the 100 electric miles of the Valley of Sun. Please enjoy the great pictures listed.

The final results are:

Gramd Champion:

Mindy & Daniel with most points and least kW consumed. This Tesla Smart is unbeatable in city distance.

Winners 2 Seater

1. Place Mindy & Daniel

32 points with exactly 99.2 miles driven. Consumed 16.17 kW =converts to 0.44 gallon fuel.

2. Place Ron (as single driver with even open roof)

26 points with 102.8 miles driven. Consumed 18.6 kW = converts to 0.51 gallon fuel.

3. Place Mike did not finish. Now who says that 100 miles is not enough reach.

Winner Compact

1. Place - Elaine and Jim

22 points with 106 miles driven. Consumed 16.33 kW =converts to 0.45 gallon fuel.

2. Place - Ben (single driver)

18 points with 114 miles driven. Consumed 18.69 kW =converts to 0.51 gallon fuel

3. Garry - did not start due to family event

Winner Sedan

1. Place - Larry and Lisa

16 points with 109 miles driven. Consumed 43 kW =converts to 1.17 gallon fuel.

2. - Hubert and Lu

Run out of time limitation

3. Lynn gave up (next year he needs a co-pilot)

Last Martina and me drove just for fun, but we knew the race and we deselected us from the competition.

34 points with exactly 108 miles driven. Consumed 35.5 kW =converts to 0.97 gallon fuel.

Tips for next year

Collect extra points by making pictures from combustion engine cars that block a charging spot. (ICEd) You even get 3 points when you inform the police.

Get extra points by calling in a defect charger.

For Model S drive turn your AC on long range driving.

Promise for next year

We will have only 10 stations in between. We will have only one question per station. That means that you have to drive efficient or collect extra points, because you can collect lesser points with anwering questions.

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