Needed these 60 years ago, but it is not too late.

I pressed “INSANE” The Booze Bombs

Tesla Owners US is a group of enthusiastic Tesla product owners and those who want to become Tesla product owners. We strive for a carbon free life-style.

We made this video in appreciation of the great products that come from Tesla. Believe us it was not so easy to persuade a top Rockabilly band to create this video, but once they rode in a P90D with “Ludicrous” mode, they were convinced. Annie is a fantastic singer and Stephan is a sponsored artist at Gretsch Guitars. Hope this will get them through production hell for the Model 3 with this insane song.

The story behind this video: A young pin-up girl from the fifties gets caught up in a time warp and jumps 60 years in the future. She saw that great Model S and became fanatic or insane about it, because it was something she never saw before and is missing it as she is got back to her present time.